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Jean Lloyd

Looking at Keypoint Intelligence’s State of the Industry Report on Corrugated Packaging

How digital printing is helping revolutionize this growing, important sector

Nov 7, 2023 7:00:00 PM


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In a world where innovation is constant and critical, the corrugated packaging industry offers much to be investigated and analyzed. As part of the Keypoint Intelligence State of the Industry series of reports on labels and packaging, we have now done our deep dive into the transformation of corrugated packaging—


The findings are fascinating for sure.



The State of Digital Printing in Corrugated Packaging

Our research delves into the heart of this vital sector, one that is often overlooked but is integral to the supply chain. We have interviewed converters, equipment manufacturers, industry experts, and specialists to better understand the current landscape and uncover where the potential is. Whether you are an equipment supplier developing solutions for digital corrugated equipment, a brand looking to embrace digital print, or a software company seeking to grasp the opportunities, our reports are tailored for you.


Unlocking the Potential of Digital Printing

What can the industry do to boost the adoption of digital printing in packaging? Is digital printing still a viable solution for addressing the unmet needs of the supply chain? Our State of the Industry reports answer these questions while also providing recommendations that will shape the industry’s future.


The global intelligence series covers five segments: narrow web labels (InfoCenter subscribers can view it here), corrugated packaging (here), folding cartons, flexible packaging, and brand adoption (reports for these final three are on the way). Each report offers a comprehensive analysis of digital adoption specific to its segment. Our goal with this series is to help readers track progress and industry actions, align expectations across the supply chain, accelerate the development of digital solutions, and highlight threats and opportunities. Most importantly, we aim to secure interest and viability for digital printing in packaging.


Key Findings: The Digital Printing Revolution

Transformational change: The digital printing industry is hungry for transformation. Incremental changes have been the norm, but we believe that true acceleration in digital printing adoption will come through a fundamental shift in how the packaging supply chain operates. This shift is driven not merely by print but by focusing on high volume, low cost, increased speed, flexibility, and sustainability.


Without change: Without intervention, the global corrugated high graphics market is estimated at 71 billion square meters, with digital printing holding a mere 2.94% of the 2022 addressable market. However, with no change, this share is projected to be 7.3% by 2027.


With change: The potential for change is staggering. A 26% share of the global high graphics market opens up a world of opportunities, with equipment revenue reaching $6.2 billion and annual ink requirements hitting 64 million litres. Retailers and brands will be the driving force behind this transformation.


Change in the air: The pandemic has already shaken the industry. Supply chain disruptions have emphasised the need for flexibility and versatility in packaging. Brands, retailers, and converters are collaborating to make digital printing a reality.


Converters on the move: The extent of change for converters will vary depending on their customer base and high graphics volume. Large integrated converters with a strong presence in high graphics are likely to undergo transformational changes. Others may opt to source semi-finished or finished products.


Disruption for all: The shift towards digital printing is set to disrupt not only converters but also OEMs, material suppliers, chemistry providers, and software specialists. Traditional incumbent positions will be challenged as new entrants, digital specialists, and versatile suppliers enter the scene.


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The world of corrugated packaging is transforming, and digital printing is leading the charge. Are you ready to be a part of the evolution?


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