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Carl Schell

Mapsiot Software’s Tree Pledge: You Print, We Plant

And were you even aware of Global Recycling Day?

Mar 17, 2023 8:37:58 AM


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Not only am I a religious recycler, but some who know me might even say I have a spiritual sense about the act of recycling. Matter of fact, I take less out of many of the so-called bigger holidays and more from Global Recycling Day, which is March 18 if you were not aware.


This is not a national thing. We’re talking global scale here, folks, just like the day’s name indicates.


I’m also big on trees. As is Mapsiot, apparently. Through a Gold Channel partnership with PrintReleaf, the managed print services (MPS) solution developer offers a reforestation service. Yes, you read that correctly: a service. The program calls for trees to be planted based on customer print usage harvested by MPS providers in its TrueMPS platform (there is a cost). And due to of the number of pages we output during a recent test of Mapsiot software (all printed sheets in our US and UK labs are recycled, by the way), the company decided to plant trees for us.



Why am I telling you this? Because it’s important. Because things add up. Recycling and the replanting of trees are merely two of the many facets of sustainability. The subject has been around for ages (especially in Europe), but its density and meaning have surged on a worldwide level due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent supply chain crisis. While we have fortified our resources to ensure constant coverage on sustainability, the entire print industry has upped its eco-conscious messaging to the point where it’s becoming as omnipresent as cybersecurity.


And that is a good thing. Recycle. Space permitting, plant a tree. Reduce your carbon footprint.


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