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Carl Schell

PODCAST: Tigerpaw More Than Just Scratching the Line Between IT and Print

Company adds managed print services capabilities to its MSP software

May 19, 2022 12:22:28 PM


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Dealers that cultivated a managed IT practice and were patient with it before the pandemic were rewarded for their investment and the risk. It’s not just the mega dealers we’re talking about here, as many small to large operations began offering products and services beyond print—they were becoming technology providers, and success stories abound.


But how successful have they been in managing both sides of their business?


Just a couple of weeks ago Tigerpaw released v22.1 of its flagship solution, an update that expanded managed print services (MPS) capabilities to the business management software originally designed for the managed services provider (MSP) community. For my money, this is an important development. The opportunities in whichever direction you look at it from are, in a word, real. That alone was enough to make me want to speak with Tigerpaw’s Trevor Moses, the lead architect on the project. 

Trevor Moses, Vice President of Customer Success at Tigerpaw


In many ways, this MPS upgrade represents a critical juncture in the company’s ongoing initiative to increase its dealer relationships and subscriber base. Moses and I discussed this, along with the premium Tigerpaw puts on automation and customization as well as details about the development cycle of the software’s new features and functions.


IT and print go together like the Grateful Dead and dancing bears, or bananas and Nutella. Streamlining processes and centralizing tools are just two common methods of simplifying business—a major theme in the world since COVID hit. Take a listen to this conversation to discover how you can improve workflow and change for the better!


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