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Randy Dazo

UVERCE™: A Scalable and Flexible Platform Built for Any Size Dealer

Add modules to coincide with your organization’s growth

Mar 24, 2021 12:22:28 PM


Last year, the UVERCE™ product and development team spoke to several dealers to obtain feedback on the service as well as understand what these dealers would want in an e-commerce solution. As mentioned in my last blog, there was overwhelming interest from the dealer community on e-commerce—from those who were already considering about an e-commerce strategy, to those who knew that e-commerce in our industry was inevitable. At the same time, every dealer was on its own e-commerce journey, with those that fully embraced the idea of selling all of their products and services online to others that still had trepidations of letting customers buy products and services on their own.


Knowing not every dealer is at the same stage their e-commerce race, we had to make UVERCE™ an extremely flexible platform that would allow any dealer to see the value and benefits of a new customer experience that was also simple for users to navigate and for dealers to setup and administer on their own. That is why we decided to make UVERCE™ modular: It would allow a dealer to pick and choose the modules of this experience that they were ready for, but also give flexibility  to allow a dealer to dictate what products the customers can complete themselves versus requiring a full self-service transaction. Additionally, having an integrated communications module as an option allows dealers to help customers in a chat/video engagement, providing additional assurance that clients would get the help they need in the moment.


UVERCE Modules

The two core platforms that UVERCE™ uses are bliQ, which feeds into UVERCE™, as well as our analytics platform called analyze iQ, which provides aggregated and personalized data and analysis to dealers on their UVERCE™ performance.


The e-commerce units consist of five modules today (with a sixth under development) that provide the UVERCE™ experience: 

  • engage iQ is the engagement module that allows a dealer to have a fully consultative discussion with their customers with a bot or live rep via chat or video/audio functionality streamed through the dealer’s website.
  • product iQ is the product catalog that also provides comparisons, advanced search capabilities and wizards, and rich product pages with informative content to help customers make decisions on their own.
  • config iQ is our visual configurator with an advanced rules engine that will not allow a customer to configure a device that doesn’t exist or is not capable of physically configuring.
  • contract iQ is where the customer then chooses the service, maintenance, and supplies program they would like for the product and/or services they have configured and added to their shopping cart. It is customized to a dealer’s programs for that brand and model.
  • transact iQ is where we complete the final steps of the transactions with payment information—credit card, PO credit (customized to dealers), or leasing companies that offer a no-touch leasing arrangement.
  • marketing iQ will be available later this year and will provide analytic information based on the individual dealer’s performance on what products customers are purchasing (how they configured them, which are the most popular brands and models, etc.), and then marrying that with other dealers’ aggregated information. This helps dealers to understand their e-commerce performance as a whole to make better marketing choices and promotions through the platform they currently use.


All of UVERCE™ ties into a dealer’s website and its CRM and ERP systems and has bi-directional communications capabilities to provide information/confirmation on a customer’s order, shipping, or installation date/history  through UVERCE™. Having a modular design provides the dealer with options on what they want as part of their customer’s web experience. If a dealer just wants a great educational website that has side-by-side comparisons, an easy-to-use product finder, as well as professionally designed and consistent product pages, they can opt for product iQ; if they also want customers to experience configuring the device, they can add on config iQ. If they are just looking for a great engagement tool, they can opt for engage iQ. But if they want the full turnkey experience, they can easily get all five modules.


Additionally, a dealer has the flexibility of adding the shopping cart button (or not adding one), the configuration capability, and even pricing to allow customers to drop products into their shopping cart or configure devices on their own. If a dealer does not want the customer to be able to do these functions, they can ensure the customer be helped by a sales specialist through engage iQ. These features can all be supplied by the dealer in the UVERCE™ backend tool, which also allows for customizing their web experience, banner, and button colors to match a dealer’s current website.


Dealers can turn the shopping cart, pricing, and the device configuration off and on
at the product level.


With the flexibility and scalability of UVERCE™, any dealer can take advantage of the modules they see fit for their readiness of an e-commerce experience for their customers. UVERCE™, which was designed from the ground up with dealers in mind, can help dealers make that transition at any point of their commerce journey.


To experience UVERCE™ or to schedule a demo, please visit this page. More questions? Just send us an email at uverce@keypointintelligence.com for additional info.