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Carl Schell

VIDEO: 3 Quick Reviews on Tested 3D Printers

More on Keypoint Intelligence’s exploration into additive manufacturing

May 8, 2023 9:46:25 AM


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An object printed with 3D technology is cool to hold and inspect, no matter if it’s a button or something more substantial. Understanding everything there is to know about additive manufacturing (AM), however, can be daunting. It takes time. It requires a different way of thinking. The journey will have its ups and downs, it always does—just ask Len Wolak and Francis Anamaria, who make up the technical side of our 3D team.


Before attending that huge and fascinating additive manufacturing tradeshow RAPID + TCT, Keypoint Intelligence wrapped up testing on the most recent collection of 3D printers in our US lab. The hands-on experience was educational and invaluable, as it has been with us and AM hardware for several years now, so we figured why not bust out the camera gear and document some of our findings for everyone out there.


We do not live in a 2D-only world.


Nexa3D XiP

A full additive manufacturing system, the Nexa3D XiP offers an all-in-one wash and cure station that we were duly impressed with. But what were some of the other features that we liked?



Shining AccuFab-L4D

Easy operation and straightforward maintenance are just two of our compliments about the Shining AccuFab-L4D. Find out what part of our testing wound up earning our praise, too.




Powerful software that makes it easy to output objects is critical in 3D print. RAYSHAPE offers exactly that, yet this was not the only thing that captured our attention with the Shape 1+.



Stay tuned for our RAPID + TCT 2023 event recap later this week!


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