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Carl Schell

VIDEO: How UVERCE® from Keypoint Intelligence Is Helping Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises

Dealers can learn plenty from DME, including preparing for the future of your business

Apr 11, 2024 8:00:00 PM


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I’m a big fan of progressive music and I also have deep appreciation for progressive-minded thinking in business. While a high risk, high reward philosophy is part of the dialogue (and one I believe in, in art and in life), this is more about one very important factor at its core.


The future.


Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) is a sterling example of this forward-thinking mentality in the US dealer community today. Jim George is the President of DME. He is an early adopter of technology too, has been for a long time—and this is not a self-proclaimed trait, rather the proof is in his actions. The company’s foray into electric vehicle (EV) charging stations has been a difference maker, with some serious potential for down the road. DME is also undergoing an artificial intelligence (AI)-readiness assessment, as the entire organization knows what’s up and what’s ahead.



And then there’s the dealer’s move into the world of e-commerce and sales enablement. Based on what we’ve seen and heard since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the combined strength of this pair represents one of the three biggest trends in the print industry in recent memory (cybersecurity and AI being the other two). Knowing that the buying habits of people looking for technology products will shift over time, DME engaged with Keypoint Intelligence and quickly determined that our UVERCE® platform was the right solution for the organization.


Which is exactly what Jim George and Rich Brandenburg, Senior Vice President of Sales at DME, discussed on Andy Slawetsky’s What’s Happenin’ Podcast. The conversation provides the channel with the dealer’s strategy around e-commerce and sales enablement before mining the fertile territory of leads and sales—music to the minds of dealers, no doubt. We also investigate the company’s UVERCE® setup as well as the results from the first six months of deployment.


The future just texted. It’s arrived.



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