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Randy Dazo

VIDEO: Interview with Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology and Strategy at Adobe

Where and How the Adobe Embedded Print Engine makes “printing magic”

Feb 2, 2022 11:22:28 AM


Adobe’s Embedded Print Engine is a crucial component to perfecting print for knowledge workers. It is the print RIP technology that natively processes PDF files from a wide variety of sources (desktop, mobile, cloud) and software applications leading to peak performance and superior rendering accuracy from a range of print devices—from resource constrained small office/home office (SOHO) printers to enterprise multifunction printers (MFPs). It generates print output that is closest to what you see on-screen in Acrobat Reader for a wide variety of documents, including non-compliant PDFs created by third-party vendors that don’t adhere to PDF standards. The foundational technologies in Adobe Embedded Print Engine are employed not only by Adobe Creative Cloud applications but also by Adobe Acrobat, resulting in superior and reliable rendering that sets the industry benchmark. Adobe Embedded Print Engine is the gold standard for faster and reliable printing in today’s office printing workflows where printing from mobile and cloud environments are increasingly becoming the norm.


Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology and Strategy for Adobe


During the Interview Insights with Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology and Strategy at Adobe, Keypoint Intelligence’s Chief Strategy & Product Officer, Randy Dazo, talked to Mike about how the Adobe Embedded Print Engine makes printing magic for modern day working and why printer manufacturers should take a look at AEPE.



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