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Lindsey Naples

VIDEO: Keypoint Intelligence’s Randy Dazo Delivers UVERCE® Webinar Alongside Roger Jung of Evolved Office

Consumerism may be changing, but the need for it remains firmly planted in our lives

Aug 22, 2022 12:22:28 PM


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“The behavior of the B2B buyer is changing,” laments Randy Dazo, Principal Analyst at Keypoint Intelligence, in his opening statements of the webinar. In an ever-evolving landscape of digital this and digital that, a change in pattern is to be expected. According to a study from McKinsey, 65% of B2B companies across all industries are fully pursuing transactions online in 2022. In our industry, it is still less than 1%. At the same time, dealers are now not only facing Millennials (terrifying), but an entirely changed environment after COVID. Supply chain issues, employees still working from home, buyers that complete self-directed (digital rather than human interaction) purchasing—these are all current challenges dealers are facing that e-commerce can help solve. But what remains consistently important throughout any change we see is the ease of use for your platform and engagement with your customer base.


In Dazo’s webinar with Roger Jung, Vice President of Sales and co-owner of Evolved Office, they discuss UVERCE® (an e-commerce and sales enablement tool) and Evolved Office (a marketing platform and agency for business solution providers), along with how to drive traffic to your business and how best to engage with customers. According to Dazo, “It is not only important to have a great e-commerce experience and platform, but it is equally important to have a great marketing program/platform that will help drive current and prospective clients to that site. That is why we have partnered with Evolved Office to help drive the marketing side of UVERCE®.”



For more information about UVERCE® or to schedule a demo, you can send your questions or requests to uverce@keypointintelligence.com or visit this page. For more information about Evolved Office or to schedule a demo you can send them to rjung@evolvedoffice.com.