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Randy Dazo

VIDEO: West McDonald Interviews Randy Dazo About Keypoint Intelligence’s UVERCE™

Mar 16, 2022 12:22:28 PM


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It’s no surprise that e-commerce continues to be one of the hottest topics of the year and will, no doubt, be somewhat of a controversial topic for the traditional print industry. Whether or not you believe that clients will want to purchase a full-size copier through a website may still be up in the air, but we do know that clients want to learn and do their research online before making a purchasing decision. This mindset applies to many big purchases—cars, most notably. And even if you didn’t think we would be purchasing cars online today, you would probably go to a few websites to do your homework before making that decision, regardless of how you ended up purchasing it. 

Keypoint Intelligence has taken this concept of e-commerce and used it to create UVERCE™. What makes it so successful today and why it has gained a lot of interest in the dealer community is its Sales Enablement workflow module that not only allows clients to do their investigation on an e-commerce site, but it also allows for a salesperson to use all the innovative tools within the solution (i.e., its product finder, configurator, pricing, and quoting). UVERCE™ takes all client guesswork out as it’s very easy to use, while the same tool can be used by a rep who has no experience or understanding of the copier world to someone more seasoned who would still take advantage of the wizard-driven configurator.

The bottom line is that UVERCE™ can help connect customers to the right configured product as well as assisting sales reps achieve greater efficiency and accuracy on an intranet site.


West McDonald, Chief Noisemaker for Tigerpaw (Tigerpaw Radio), interviewed me on UVERCE™ and how our comprehensive e-commerce and sales enablement solution can transform a dealership’s selling motions for the client as well as their salespeople.



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