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Carl Schell

WATCH: Education Session With ECIT, a Nordic Organization

Dealer challenges, a look at forecasts among talking points

Apr 13, 2021 12:22:28 PM


John Alfred Hustvedt is a Norwegian print advisor who, last year, taught me a few things about the growth opportunities for European dealers during and moving out of the pandemic. When he provided Deborah Hawkins, Director of Keypoint Intelligence’s Office Group, and I the chance to offer some education to a few folks at Economy and IT, we couldn’t resist.


ECIT is a Nordic organization specializing in BPO and IT services to help customers optimize essential parts of their business. Headquartered in Fornebu, Norway, the company has over 1,500 employees across 70 locations in Scandinavia, the UK, and Serbia.


Like a traditional Easter smörgåsbord, many food groups were present: dealer challenges, with nods to contractual versus transactional print as well as e-commerce; a look at what forecasts are telling us not only for today but down the road, too; the digitization process, including the A3/A4 debate and centralizing workflow/decentralizing employees; and how to differentiate through serviceability and sustainability.


But enough—I’ve already given away too much. Check out the video today!


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