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Jean Lloyd

Women in Print Event Leads with Purpose

Industry leaders in South Africa share valuable insights

Aug 30, 2023 12:22:28 PM


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Building on the success of last year’s event, I am humbled and filled with gratitude and inspiration after being part of the incredible journey of the Women in Print event series. This event is made possible by Printing South Africa,  an organization with over a century of history that aims to attract, connect, and empower women in the print community. Back in 2022, I was privileged to be part of the team that initiated this empowering event. Witnessing the huge impact it has had on numerous young women and the entire industry is truly astounding.


On August 24, Women in Print’s third and final event was held at the exquisite Cassia Restaurant located at Nitida Wine Farm in the Cape. It was a remarkable day, with 150 attendees—but the impact of the event reached far beyond the venue walls. Through livestreaming, we connected with an astonishing 85,000 viewers, including 15,000 individuals who watched the event in real-time from 41 countries across the African continent. Inspiring stuff to say the least.


I had the honour of co-hosting a fireside chat alongside Charnia Yapp, representing Africa Print, a significant sponsor. Our keynote speaker for the day was none other than Teresa Adinolfi, also known as Terry, the Managing Director of Redfern, an established labelling, printing, and distribution provider for the agricultural, food export  educational sectors amongst others, with a “51% Black Woman Ownership” credential, too.



We facilitated a thought-provoking panel discussion with a group of young women making their mark in the industry: Lee-Ann Christie Saunders from Canon, Ilisna O'Reilly from Nutec Digital Ink, Tracy Bouras from the Paper Shop, Anja Kirton from Fujifilm, and Heidie-Mari Middel from Kyocera. It was a great to hear them share their insights and experiences working in what is typically a male-dominated industry.


In addition to the insightful discussions, each event featured a captivating fashion show organized by SAFDA, the national agency representing South African fashion designers. It was a pleasure to meet Sonwabile Ndamase, Founder and CEO of Vukani Fashions and SAFDA, well known for designing and manufacturing Nelson Mandela (Madiba) shirts. Sonwabile served as the moderator for the powerful panel discussion on gender-based violence titled “She Is My Sister”.


I would like to express my gratitude to the Printing SA team and all the sponsors, including Canon, Kyocera, FP&M Seta, Fujifilm, Nutec, Novus Print, Redfern, and Masterpack Cape. Their support and contributions made these events possible, allowing us to create a platform that empowers and celebrates women in the printing industry.


A special thanks goes to Abisha Katerere, Head of Marketing at Printing SA, whose vision and dedication led to the successful hosting and growth of the Women in Print events during Women’s Month. His efforts have truly made a difference and has earned him well-deserved recognition.




Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

Women in Print will continue to build momentum and become a staple on the print industry calendar—not just for South Africa but to the entire continent, too. We need these events, places where women in the print industry can congregate, discuss, and inspire. Mentorship programs and educational initiatives also can play a part to show young women how exciting the industry really is and to encourage them to make their voices heard.


Check out the quick video on Women in Print (Central Chamber).


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