Top 10 Keypoint Intelligence Blog Posts of 2020

Posts focused on speed of digitization, persistent print opportunities, and more



Christine Dunne


We talk a lot about metrics and analytics in our industry, so why not show one clear example of numbers at work? Reviewing page views of The Key Point Blog, we saw the following articles were the most popular in 2020 (with No. 1 the most popular):

  1. Examining COVID-19’s Impact on Industry 4.0
  2. Modeling COVID-19’s Impact on Office Print Volume
  3. How Will COVID-19 Affect My Business?
  4. Survey Shows Print Remains Important for New Work From Home Employees
  5. How the Printing Industry Is Surviving the Pandemic
  6. What Are You Doing to Adapt to Change During the COVID-19 Crisis?
  7. Eastman Kodak Reaffirms Its Marketing Position With Well-Timed Press Conference
  8. The Importance of a Marketing Strategy During COVID-19 and Beyond (Part 1)
  9. Why Augmented Reality Is Essential to COVID-19 Recovery and Future Productivity
  10. HP Announces Amplify, a Global Partner Program


What does this all mean? Well, a few unifying themes can be seen across the leading posts:


COVID-19 Is Top of Mind

Unsurprisingly, many of our Top 10 articles were focused on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on one’s business and way of working. With most office workers moving to work-from-home arrangements (for safety reasons), vendors needed to know how they could equip customers and their employees for remote work—all while maintaining revenue and profitability.


Hunger for Understanding the Speed of Digitization

Workplaces were already digitizing business processes, but this was accelerated by the pandemic and a need to connect disparate workers to colleagues, data, documents, and even factories. Our blog posts about projected declines in print volumes, automation in manufacturing, and digital marketing seemed to strike a chord with readers interested in the digital transformation landscape.


There’s a Desire for Benchmarking

It seems our readers wanted to see how they measured up to the competition, especially when it came to the impact of COVID. One post highlighted quotes from office equipment dealers on how the pandemic has affected their businesses, while another showed the state of business operations (from a survey) for sign shops and commercial printers weathering the economic crisis.


Readers Looking for Pockets of Print

In addition to digitization opportunities, our readers were eager to understand persistent print opportunities. This includes the vertical industries with the smallest print volume declines, the kinds of printers and consumables being purchased for home offices, and the production print applications expected to see the greatest demand in 2020 and the years after.


Innovation a Hot Topic

Blog visitors also wanted to know what innovations were occurring in the markets we cover, including new digital inkjet presses, channel programs delivering advanced customer insight and digital expertise, as well as creative ways print vendors have responded to the pandemic—including making face protection screens and hospital coats for medical personnel and leveraging augmented reality for IT support.


So there you have it. We are excited to keep blogging in 2021, and see which articles and topics resonate most with our audiences!


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