Spotlight on Sustainability as COP26 Kicks off in Glasgow

Amidst global supply chain shortages, HP releases ENVY Inspire



Deborah Hawkins, Renée Clarke


The future of climate law will be discussed at COP26 (Conference of the Parties), which began on October 31 and runs through November 12 in Glasgow, Scotland. The print industry (like most) is following along closely to see how climate-based decisions at this event will impact the industry. Over 190 nations are participating in COP26 as well as large amounts of world leaders. In a post-pandemic setting among a climate crisis background, this year’s summit is considered urgent and will be eagerly looked upon.


The meeting in 2015 was momentous in producing the Paris Climate agreement, and this summit is likewise being anticipated across media channels to produce another landmark decision. Most notably, the 2015 decision stated that all countries in agreement would “limit global warming to well below 2 degrees and aim for 1.5 degrees, to adapt to the impacts of a changing climate, and to make money available to deliver on these aims.” Each country created their own plan for achieving this, which then trickled down through all companies under their jurisdiction. As last year’s conference was delayed due to COVID, this year—and every year leading up to 2030, really—will be pivotal as each country updates their plan.

As it stands, the supply chain is inflicting delays for vendors around the world. A further crackdown on sustainability measures (albeit great for the planet) could mean a further staggering of goods sold and delivered. Manufacturers continue to respond to the changing economic and political climate, as seen in a few new print products such as the HP ENVY Inspire with HP+ (released October 26).


The printer is marketed “for home, play, and everywhere in between.” Made from 45% recycled plastic (the highest by far of any device in this range), the ENVY Inspire embodies recent trends of feature-rich devices with valuable services attached. Expandable cassette drawer, quiet print mode, wider print gamut, and the ability to print text on the reverse side of a photo print using the HP Smart app are all new features in personal printing. The ENVY Inspire is part of the company’s HP+ line, which currently include six months of HP Instant Ink and an extra year on the warranty.


Source: Sustainability Market Analysis Report (Keypoint Intelligence)


In addition to the 45% PCR content, which is really a great step forward for our industry in relation to sustainability, ENVY Inspire is also “forest positive,” which means that HP protects and restores forests in equal measure for every page printed. As seen in the chart above, which compares the PCR levels found in the devices of industry leaders taken from the Keypoint Intelligence Sustainability Market Analysis Report (out this fall), while Konica Minolta and Epson may be a close second, the HP ENVY Inspire’s 45% threshold is a promising new benchmark.


We predict that the amounts of PCR content will steadily rise across the industry and ultimately serve as comparative indicators among vendors.


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