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Carl Schell

Channel Strategy Session: Managed IT Services in Europe and in Research (PODCAST)

Keypoint Intelligence’s coverage of IT continues, along with RPA and the Pitt-WVU rivalry

Sep 8, 2023 6:24:38 AM


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Europe is just different. Whether it is the people, the cities, the languages, or the landscape, it suits any need, emotion, or desire. It is usually the first place I think of when contemplating vacation, but in the end, I rarely wind up in places like Germany during Oktoberfest or on a Greek island in the summer.


Like the countries that make up Europe, the dealer landscape on that continent is also just different than in the United States—and (oftentimes) more intriguing. Sadly, though, my knowledge of European dealers is not where it should be, and neither is my expertise with managed IT services in Europe.



Anne Valaitis, Principal Analyst in Keypoint Intelligence’s Office Group and my podcast buddy, knows a thing or two about this subject matter. Using our recently published white paper on managed IT services in Europe to frame the conversation, she gives a glimpse into what we are gleaning from the research and where some differences are from the Western European study to the US. Another crucial deliverable to hit the InfoCenter of late is our Multi-Client Study on robotic process automation (RPA), which Anne provides some tidbits on as well.


We are not talking about print. We are talking about the things that are not only here in the present but will be big time in the future, too. Your future.


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