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Rachel Dean

HP Announces Color LaserJet Pro 3000 Series at Amplify Partner Conference 2024

Focus on delivering speed and energy efficiency in a compact design for small businesses

Mar 25, 2024 8:00:00 PM


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On March 6-7, HP Inc. held its Amplify Partner Conference in Las Vegas, where the company shared its vision for the future of work and technology with over 1,500 partners from around the globe. HP unveiled a range of new products and services, including a broad range of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, new offerings in color printing and managed services, as well as initiatives focused on sustainability and extending the life of devices. HP demonstrated that they are looking at cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and broadening its office solutions offerings, all while keeping a clear focus on environmental responsibility.


The new HP Color LaserJet 3000 series, the latest addition to its office print portfolio was announced. Designed for customers that require high performance in a small footprint, the Color LaserJet 3000 series is the latest device that uses TerraJet toner technology. According to HP research, printing remains critical for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) with 80% of SMBs preferring to work with a mix of digital and printed materials. More specifically, color inspires teams to create, enables conversation, and attracts new and existing customers.


Source: HP


“In the era of hybrid work, as businesses reimagine their workspaces, the demand for high-performance solutions in small and flexible offices is on the rise,” said Aurelio Maruggi, Division President of Office Print Solutions at HP. “With our new Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series, featuring innovative TerraJet technology, we deliver exceptional color quality, professional speed, and energy efficiency in a compact design. By optimizing printer manageability, we enable SMBs to save money, time, and effort, while ensuring high-quality prints, safeguarding sensitive information, and effortlessly adapting to collaborative and growth-oriented environments.”


The HP Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series offers several features aimed at SMBs requiring high-speed, reliable printing with ease of use. Key features of the series, according to HP, include:

  • Sustainable TerraJet toner technology with vivid color and fast printing
  • Wi-Fi that automatically reconnects, ensuring you stay online without interruption
  • Fastest duplex printing and the quickest first page out in its class
  • Industry-leading quality and pro-level security
  • Smallest footprint compared to any device in its class, making it suitable for small office spaces


HP’s next-generation TerraJet toner technology delivers up to 11% more vivid colors and 18% faster printing speeds compared to previous models. This new toner technology also allows for up to 27% reduced energy consumption and up to a 28% reduction in plastics used in toner cartridges, aiding in achieving sustainability goals.


Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

The HP Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series is part of HP's broader portfolio that has been revamped for hybrid office settings, offering consistent solutions for different business sizes and recognized for its performance and quality—having won the 2024 A4 Line of the Year Award from Keypoint Intelligence.​​​​​​ Hybrid working is set to continue, with greater demands placed on device reliability, connectivity, speed, and image quality. HP have certainly provided some nice features in this series to cover all bases. For small teams of up to seven users, the series promises powerful productivity with fast print and duplex speeds, high-volume scanning, and easy management tools. It comes with out-of-the-box secure settings for immediate deployment, self-healing Wi-Fi capabilities, and simple shortcuts for user convenience​​. The HP Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series is set to launch in May 2024, and Keypoint Intelligence technicians look forward to putting the devices through their paces.


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