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VIDEO: Do You Know Your Cost Cross Over Points for Offset and Digital Printing?

Keypoint Intelligence’s new tool helps PSPs determine best printer format

Apr 3, 2024 8:00:00 PM


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In the dynamic world of print production, understanding the most cost-effective methods for executing print jobs is crucial for print service providers (PSPs). This debate, often centered around the choice between offset and digital printing, has evolved significantly with technological advancements and shifts in raw material costs. As such, revisiting the calculations that determine the cost cross over points between these two printing technologies is not just beneficial—it’s essential.


Historically, some PSPs have conducted their analyses to determine their cost cross over points: the juncture at which the cost of producing a job shifts from favoring offset to digital printing or vice versa. These analyses have guided business decisions for years. However, a notable segment of the industry might be operating on intuition at this point, developed from years of experience. While this approach is completely understandable, given the changes in the market, a more recent and data-driven evaluation could yield surprising insights.


Keypoint Intelligence’s Innovative Solution

Recent increases in the costs of aluminum and paper have directly impacted the expenses associated with offset printing. Conversely, advancements in digital printing technology have introduced larger, more productive, and cost-effective production printers/presses (especially around inkjet). They challenge the traditionally higher cost per page (CPP) associated with older toner-based systems.


In response to this evolving landscape, we are poised to launch a groundbreaking tool in April: Keypoint Intelligence’s Cross Over Point (COP) Estimator. This online tool is designed to empower PSPs with the ability to quickly and easily update their cross-over-point estimations for cost and time. What is unique about the COP Estimator is that it’s driven by market average data via our research and, therefore, it can automatically input data for you if you are not sure about certain costs or other relevant data factors that are needed to make an estimation.


An Example of the COP Estimator


The COP Estimator stands as further proof of Keypoint Intelligence’s commitment to adding value to the printing market. By simplifying what was once a complex and time-consuming analysis, this tool makes it easier for PSPs to make better decisions and stay responsive to market shifts.


See what the Cross Over Point Estimator is all about today!



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