WATCH: In Conversation With Danielle Wolowitz of Shore Business Solutions

Former Kyocera VP discusses dealer’s strategy, COVID’s impact, and her career



Carl Schell



In business as in life, it’s an enormous advantage to understand multiple perspectives. Think non-superstar athlete becoming a championship coach or transitioning to a successful career in the media. While the document technology space isn’t as glamorous as the NBA, it still has its share of people who started at an OEM and moved on to a dealer (or vice versa). These folks tend to be amazing resources of education, possessing fountains not of water or chocolate, but knowledge.


Such is the case with Danielle Wolowitz. I first met her at a Kyocera event in 2015—boy, how things have changed. Up until a year ago, she was an oft-traveling exec making decisions that impacted legions of organizations in North America. But with a burning desire to not only spend more time with her family but also take on a whole new set of challenges, she joined Shore Business Solutions, a Monmouth County, New Jersey-based dealer of which her husband Chris is Co-Owner and Vice President.


Danielle Wolowitz, Director of Business Operations at Shore Business Solutions


Shore might be on a smaller scale than the previous two stops in her career, but the reward has been no less different—if not greater. COVID-19 notwithstanding, the company has grown its print business and hired additional help in sales, thanks to the always powerful combination of continuing to satisfy existing customers and increasing net-new accounts. For a dealer with roughly $2 million in revenue, high double-digit YOY growth is most impressive.


As is Wolowitz’s character and personality. It doesn’t take long to figure out that she works hard (she and her husband also own Top That! Donuts), that she’s bright and has seen it all in the industry (she was at Ricoh before her 14 years at Kyocera), and that she’s not afraid of taking risks with new opportunities (hear her speak about managed IT in the clip below!).


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