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Greg Cholmondeley

Latest Keypoint Intelligence Production Software Study Unearths Automation Trends

Adoption is increasing in some areas but not in others

Sep 15, 2022 12:22:28 PM


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The Keypoint Intelligence 2022 North American Software Investment Outlook was recently published and yielded a wealth of insights. The online survey included one hundred fifty-three in-plants, general print service providers (PSPs), and specialized PSPs from 33 states and provinces across North America. The analysis covered:

  • Business growth in revenue per year, job, employee, and historical and software investment
  • Current production metrics including print and print-related services, job and page volume by production type, and top narrow and wide format applications
  • Software as a service (SaaS) and licensed production software ownership and investment plans across 15 production areas
  • Automation levels by job type and workflow area with particular focus on job onboarding and print management information systems (MIS)
  • Prevailing attitudes toward business and workflow challenges, automation benefits and barriers, online PSPs, and the top reasons companies select (or don’t select) software solutions—including sustainability
  • What generates interest and closes production software sales—and what doesn’t

This year, for the first time, Keypoint Intelligence also prepared separate presentations focusing on in-plants and how their adoption and motivators differ from commercial PSPs and a special presentation covering job onboarding and print MIS. All three products are available to Production Workflow Service providers on the Keypoint Intelligence website and through scheduled analyst presentations.

So, what are the top two areas where we’ve seen significant new software adoption? Business intelligence dashboards and shipping automation top the list. However, software adoption and automation vary by functional area and are surprisingly flat in places that should have considerable opportunities. Fortunately, some of the rationales gleaned from our respondents indicate barriers vendors need to address to increase production software adoption.


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