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Greg Cholmondeley

Podcast: Exploring Sustainable Practices in the Printing Industry

A chat with two UK print industry sustainability leaders

May 9, 2024 8:00:00 PM


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The dialogue around sustainable practices is gaining momentum in the commercial printing industry. I had the fortune to further investigate the topic for a recent episode of The Key Point Podcast, during which two leading UK commercial printers discussed their pioneering approaches to sustainability with me.


Guests with Insights on Sustainability

Philip Dodd, Managing Director at Healeys Printers, shares the journey of his company, a £4 million commercial printing firm in Ipswich, England, known for its high production quality and commitment to environmental responsibility. Under Dodd’s leadership, Healeys has become the first small/medium enterprise printer in the UK to have its carbon reduction plan approved by the Science Based Target initiative, moving towards net zero with innovative practices.


Anthony Rowell, Sales and Customer Success Director as well as Sustainability Lead at Tradeprint, discusses how sustainability intersects with operational efficiency at a £20 million commercial printer. Rowell covers initiatives ranging from reducing waste with effective color management to optimizing the supply chain for reduced carbon footprint.


Why Listen?

Here are other things you can expect from this episode:

  • Discover how these industry leaders are implementing sustainable practices, from sourcing materials and managing waste to engaging with clients and the community on environmental issues
  • Learn how Healey’s Printers and Tradeprint have reduced their environmental impact through operational changes and investments while maintaining quality and customer satisfaction
  • Understand the role of software solutions in enhancing sustainability, from eCommerce4Print to automation and advanced color management systems
  • Hear about the future aspirations and plans of both firms as they continue on the path toward sustainability in the printing industry


This podcast is not just a discussion—it’s a reflection of the changing tides in the commercial printing industry towards a more sustainable future. Whether you’re a professional in the printing industry, a business owner considering the environmental impact of your operations, or someone interested in sustainability practices, this episode offers valuable insights, practical advice, and inspiration.


Let’s take steps together toward a more sustainable future.



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