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Company News

Keypoint Intelligence, a global data and market intelligence firm for the digital print and imaging industry, is excited to announce the launch of its new Price Book Catalog Connector for AgentDealer®. This innovative tool will revolutionize the way users of the AgentDealer CRM platform access, manage, and update product information, making it easier than ever to deliver accurate and up-to-date product data for quoting.
Keypoint Intelligence announces the availability of the 2021-2026 Worldwide Digital Textile Forecast. The forecast includes devices, inks, and applications used in wide format roll-to-roll textile printers geared to fabric print manufacturing for garment/sportswear, home décor fabrics, and industrial textiles.
Keypoint Intelligence is pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership with AgentDealer®, a CRM solution provider that custom builds solutions designed specifically for the Office Technology Industry.
Keypoint Intelligence is pleased to announce that Nancy Byrne has joined the company as the Vice President of Marketing. In this role, she will be responsible for Keypoint Intelligence’s marketing communications, including building the brand, expanding the digital presence, and developing programs to increase marketing effectiveness.
Keypoint Intelligence announces the availability of the Scanning and Workflow Trends Primary Research Study that explores document capture and workflow technology usage trends, underlying trends driving demand, and insight on how IT decision makers intend to invest their budget.
Keypoint Intelligence recently published a market forecast for direct-to-garment (DTG) printers for the years of 2021-2026. The forecast includes devices used exclusively for DTG printing, covering the range of devices from commercial entry-level desktop devices to industrial high-volume printers with several platens side-by-side including toner transfer (EP) printers that are competing in the commercial entry-level sector at a low price point. Direct-to-Film (DTF) placement figures are also included as a separate pivot table in the forecast deliverables.
Keypoint Intelligence recently published a 2022 study on the North American In-Plant Software market. The primary research study covers general business overviews including CAGR and investment, software adoption, automation utilization, and the in-plant market mindset. To conduct the study, a 38-question survey was sent to 153 respondents, out of which, 79 in-plants from thirty North American states and provinces.
Keypoint Intelligence announces the availability of the Wide Format Print Market Forecast: 2021-2026. The report evaluates and predicts trends, automation, profits, and more in the wide format market.
Keypoint Intelligence and GreatAmerica Financial Services Corporation (GreatAmerica) have joined forces to help office technology providers understand the value of an online storefront and provide an e-commerce solution to support online purchase capabilities on their websites.
Keypoint Intelligence and Big Picture magazine conducted a survey of owners and employees of wide format print service providers (PSPs) to evaluate the trends in applications, purchase intentions, waste reduction, workflow optimization, and revenue expectations.