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Company News

Keypoint Intelligence recently published a 2022 study on the North American In-Plant Software market. The primary research study covers general business overviews including CAGR and investment, software adoption, automation utilization, and the in-plant market mindset. To conduct the study, a 38-question survey was sent to 153 respondents, out of which, 79 in-plants from thirty North American states and provinces.
Keypoint Intelligence announces the availability of the Wide Format Print Market Forecast: 2021-2026. The report evaluates and predicts trends, automation, profits, and more in the wide format market.
Keypoint Intelligence and GreatAmerica Financial Services Corporation (GreatAmerica) have joined forces to help office technology providers understand the value of an online storefront and provide an e-commerce solution to support online purchase capabilities on their websites.
Keypoint Intelligence and Big Picture magazine conducted a survey of owners and employees of wide format print service providers (PSPs) to evaluate the trends in applications, purchase intentions, waste reduction, workflow optimization, and revenue expectations.
Keypoint Intelligence and Agile Cybersecurity Solutions (ACS) are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Keypoint Intelligence’s independent hands-on testing, lab data, and extensive market research, with ACS’s elite team of cybersecurity professionals.
Keypoint Intelligence reviews print buyers' purchasing trends, including their marketing budgets, most common applications of print in their marketing efforts, run lengths and trends, customization and omnichannel interests, and purchasing trends including offline vs online buying in this in-depth report.
Keypoint Intelligence is pleased to announce that it has acquired Karstedt Partners, LLC of Eden, New York. The transaction enables Keypoint Intelligence to accelerate product development efforts to serve all facets of the packaging supply chain that is under extreme pressures to come up with new products and practices over the next decade.
Keypoint Intelligence announces the availability of the North America Remanufactured Hardware Market Insights report. This comprehensive report reviews current vendor practices, product lines, and strategies for marketing and production, as well as considers the role of third-party suppliers, dealers, and logistics.
Keypoint Intelligence is pleased to announce that Todd Curtis has joined the company as Business Development Director in Europe. In this role, Todd will be responsible for managing key accounts as well as providing leadership for new business opportunities for the companies UVERCE®, advisory services, consulting, and IT development products.
Keypoint Intelligence announces the availability of the North America Office & Home Print Device Market: 2021-2026. This comprehensive report forecasts single function and multi-function print device placements and revenue estimates between 2021-2026.