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Carl Schell

Channel Strategy Session: AI Insights and Managed IT Services Trends (PODCAST)

What is our research telling us and where are we headed from here?

Mar 14, 2024 8:00:00 PM


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Given the meteoric rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace, I’m going to not go out on a limb and say that everyone out there has had multiple conversations about the subject by now. I assume many of you have had at least a taste of AI too, while some are already using it to improve processes, save time, and solve problems. And I’m not talking about AI built into software that just runs, hopefully, silent and smooth—no, this is squarely about something you have to interact with to gain results.


Anne Valaitis is very much on the artificial intelligence beat for Keypoint Intelligence these days. She has daily dialogue with people inside and outside the company, and I am fortunate enough to be one of them. The bonus is that we record some of our conversations in this lovely format we call “the podcast.” If you’re new to our series (episode links below), no problem: Broadly speaking, we discuss all things managed IT services (MITS) to help dealers and vendors alike, with AI talk dominating our most recent effort.



Aside from the print and smart workplace hardware and software testing in our labs, Keypoint Intelligence offers market research-based products (services) and projects (consulting). As you might expect, artificial intelligence is part of the menu and will soon have its own Advisory Service in the InfoCenter. Anne and I preview that here, detailing the deliverables that you can expect will assist in strategizing and executing not only your internal AI initiative but your company’s AI service platform for customers, too.


Ultimately, what we like to do is learn and then educate. Our job is to look at the challenges, the obstacles to success, and balance them with the opportunities and the solutions. The intersection of AI and MITS is a breeding ground for technology development and efficiency gains (not to mention great conversation), but we must be wary of the pitfalls, the complexities, and the security concerns. Anne and I throw all that into a black cauldron and pull forth the research dealers and vendor need to make sense of this artificial intelligence magic.


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