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Priya Gohil

ChatGPT is all the rage, and setting off a firestorm of backlash

ChatGTP, a free-to-use tool developed by San Francisco-based tech company OpenAI, is making speedy inroads into the world of academia, literature, and even scientific publishing. We discuss here the use of ChatGTP and other chatbots, as well as their projected effects on many industries.
Eve Padula

Printed mail remains popular, especially for transactional communications

For some brand owners, the continued use of old-school printed mail in a digital age may feel a bit like doing the exact same thing they have been doing for decades. We discuss here a Keypoint Intelligence web-based survey of 1,500 consumer respondents to assess their engagement with printed and digital transactional communications as well as some of the key results.
Greg Cholmondeley

CONNECT 2023 is a raging success in Las Vegas

eProductivity Software (ePS) just wrapped up its 2023 CONNECT User Conference in Las Vegas. We discuss here some of the topics covered at the event as well as provide video interviews with some experts featured at the show.
Shawn Preval

The effects of generational changes in print behavior post-hybrid work

While printed pages may be seen as an old fashioned way of working, our 2022 US Future of Work Study has shown that office workers of all ages still use them. We discuss here the generational use of hardcopy documents as well as some anecdotal insight based on respondent data as to why this might be the case.
Lee Davis

Is this a good idea?

Ricoh recently announced that the company is rebranding Fujitsu scanners, including the fi, ScanSnap, and SP Series devices. We discuss here some of the main points as well as the effect this will have on the market.
Deborah Hawkins

Why should businesses care?

The Ambiente conference (formerly known as Paperworld) will be exhibiting at the Frankfurt Messe, showing several devices and featuring a number of speaking engagements. We discuss here some of the key aspects of the show as well as a connection between office supplies and the retail sector.
Johnny Shell

A homerun for the apparel decorating universe

Impressions Expo-Long Beach is the largest and most advanced trade show and conference in the western hemisphere dedicated to apparel decorators. The recent edition—held at the Long Beach Convention Center (Long Beach, California)—included several exhibitions from the direct-to-film and direct-to-garment industries.
Carl Schell

What are you doing about scanners and government compliance?

Starting in June 2024, the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA) and Office of Management and Budgets (OMB) will only accept digital material that meets the top-tier of FADGI guidelines.
Carl Schell

Keypoint Intelligence series returns with insight on software, strategic alliances

Even if you just want to reference Ringdale the company, it’s nearly impossible to say “Ringdale” without immediately adding “FollowMe”. I mean, everyone in the print industry knows the solution is synonymous with secure pull printing, right?
Priya Gohil

Instant inkjet portable printer means no more embarrassing tattoos

Touted as the world’s first comprehensive temporary handheld tattoo device, Prinker S makes the creation and application of temporary tattoos quick and easy.