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Priya Gohil

Engineers have 3D printed a cheesecake

Recently, engineers have established a means to print a slice of cheesecake through additive manufacturing. We discuss here the details of this finding and speculate on how this could affect 3D printing as a whole.
Gabriel Alers

Looking at the communication preferences of Gen Z and Millennials

Keypoint Intelligence recently published an analysis pinpointing generational consumers communication preferences. We discuss here some of the key findings and how they apply when looking at the generational ages of our respondents.
Lee Davis

The box will say “Ricoh,” but everything else will stay the same

When it was first announced that Ricoh was acquiring PFU Limited (manufacturer of Fujitsu-branded scanners), some wondered if Ricoh would restrict the sale of Fujitsu scanner products on e-commerce platforms and through competing channel partners. This blog takes a look at the most recent development of this acquisition and the effect it could have on the marketplace.
Eric Zimmerman

How to maintain margins and still be competitive


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Lee Davis

Sharp upgrades its smart workplace portfolio, while Kodak Alaris gets more feet on the street

Sharp and Kodak Alaris have struck an agreement on a strategic alliance that will allow Sharp’s 17 direct sales offices and 300+ channel partners to sell and support the Kodak Alaris line of capture hardware and software. We discuss here the effect this agreement will have on the market.
Anne Valaitis

How this can be a driver in future automation solutions

On February 9, ConnectWise announced its new integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools: ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise RMM. We discuss here some of the key features of the tools as well as the benefits of adopting AI into the process.
Carl Schell

And were you even aware of Global Recycling Day?

Recycling and the replanting of trees are merely two of the many facets of sustainability. The subject has been around for ages, but its density and meaning have surged due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent supply chain crisis.
German Sacristan

Productivity increases for heavy stocks and lower energy consumption

The new Canon ProStream 3000 series aims to address roll-fed inkjet market demand concerning better productivity on a large variety of media and lower energy consumption. This blog explores some key features of the ProStream 3000 and its effects on the market.
Johnny Shell

A quick look at fresh devices from Mimaki and Roland

It’s been about three years since direct-to-film (DTF) inkjet transfer first came to the decorated apparel market, and the technology has certainly exploded. This blog explores some new entrants into the DTF market and the effects these devices will have on the market.
Carl Schell

Industry pro fills newly created role of Managed IT Services Principal Analyst

The path forward for dealers lies, in large part, in managed IT services. But because many of them fit snugly under a recurring revenue umbrella, the channel has been more active with IT in today’s evolving hybrid business ecosystem.