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Andrew Young

Impressions from events shaping the future of customer communications and US mail delivery

Two separate customer communications events were held recently in Charlotte, NC just a few blocks apart: the National Postal Forum (NPF) and Document Strategy Forum (DSF). We discuss here the approaches of both events as well as the effects they have on the industry.
Sam Keller

Looking at the change AI is introducing to the print industry

Keith Haas joined Keypoint Intelligence last year as an analyst in our Office Group, focusing on software solutions as well as smart office. We discuss with him the concerns surrounding the adoption of artificial intelligence as well as the benefits AI can have for companies.
Eve Padula

In-plants find new ways to demonstrate value

In early 2023, Keypoint Intelligence partnered with Ricoh Corporation to conduct an in-depth survey of 50 in-plant respondents and a series of one-on-one interviews. This blog provides a brief overview of our research findings to shed some light on the challenges that today’s in-plants are facing and strategies for future growth.
Carl Schell

It’s not just digital transformation, it’s also scan acceleration

Digital transformation (DX) is nothing new. Even if DX was here long in advance of the COVID-19 pandemic, that singular event pushed its value proposition up the grid of importance.
Mark Davis, Peter Mayhew

Merger will create the largest, international business machine manufacturer

Ricoh officially announced that it will integrate the research, development, and production of its business machines with Toshiba Tec as of April 2024. We discuss here the key features of this merger as well as the projected effects it will have on the office market.
Sam Keller

Breaking down the market segments in the packaging and labels industry

A longtime leader in the digital print and inkjet industry, Jean Lloyd is the global Principal Analyst of our Packaging & Labels Division. We discuss here some of her current and upcoming projects, as well as get her expert opinion on the packaging market.
Priya Gohil

Bringing added value and efficiency to the packaging market

Earlier this year, HP introduced the HP PageWide C550 to the industrial packaging world: A next generation post-print press built on the successful field-proven technology of its C500 predecessor. We discuss here the impact this new device can have on the market with David Tomer, General Manager of Post-Print Corrugated Solutions at HP.
Johnny Shell

New printer attempts to boost sustainable digital textile printing

Kyocera Corporation recently held a press conference in Japan to unveil its vision for the future of textile printing—one of being in harmony with nature and reducing the environmental impact of textile printing.
Peter Mayhew

Konica Minolta refreshes its bizhub copier range

Whether it’s “reused,” “refurbished,” “reconditioned,” or “remanufactured,” the lexicon has become a little stale. So, when the positive sounding “refreshed” entered into copier vocabulary, we wanted to know more.
Jamie Bsales

The newly discovered vulnerability has a fix, but customers must take action

Versions of PaperCut Software’s popular PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG output management platforms have two newly discovered security vulnerabilities that have allowed a ransomware gang to target education customers.